Anesthesia Free Preventative Dental Cleanings Now Available!

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We are now performing anesthesia-free preventative dental cleanings! Our goal is to make lifetime dental care affordable and safe for all of our patients.

Anesthesia free dental cleanings are a great choice for pets and owners who wish to decrease the number of anesthetic procedures in a pet's lifetime, but wish to provide essential dental care to the pet. The anesthesia free preventative dental cleaning and assessment is not meant to replace evaluation and x-rays under anesthesia, but instead to work together to reduce the amount of long term dental disease, and complications such as extractions and systemic disease resulting from dental disease. The anesthesia free cleanings are only available to pets with mild to moderate dental disease and have no obvious "problem teeth" requiring x-rays, treatment or extraction. (Aggressive or overly anxious pets are also not good candidates for this procedure.) Anesthesia-free dental cleanings are the perfect followup maintenance care for pets who have recently had a dental cleaning under anesthesia performed.

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Give us a call at (209) 383-0434 to take advantage of our free dental exams performed on weekdays by a licensed registered veterinary technician to see if your pet meets the criteria for an anesthesia free dental cleaning. Call today to schedule an appointment, and one of our qualified technicians can evaluate your pet's mouth and provide a customized dental treatment plan. Initial cleanings begin at $160, with followup cleanings as low as $35! 

Our technicians can determine if your pet is qualified for the anesthesia free preventative dental cleaning. If your pet has been examined by one of our physicians in the past year, we can schedule your pet for the anesthesia free procedure. If your pet has not been examined in the past year, we will first need to schedule an appointment with a doctor to evaluate the overall health of the animal.

Occasionally, after beginning the procedure, we will discover that your pet has more dental disease than we could tell on initial examination, and we will recommend a dental cleaning and x-ray evaluation under anesthesia.